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Avoid damage to checked baggage in air travel


Just in time to pick up the suitcase on the mat after a plane ride, care can be taken in time to pack your luggage and even earlier, in choosing a bag of good quality. The recommendations are the president of Abesata (Brazilian Association of Business Auxiliary Air Transport Services), Ricardo Miguel, the organization brings together the leading companies of ground handling of the country, responsible, among other duties, for transporting the bags to the aircraft.

"Few people know the boot path of the check in until the time the passenger gets back on the mat, as the target," Michael said, referring to the descent stages of the case for mats to the inner area of ​​the airport , sorting, transport cart to the aircraft. The same happens after landing.

For all these reasons, electronics, jewelry, fragile items such as bottles, should not be placed in the trunk. But taken as hand luggage. When there is no possibility, the tip is held at the time of check in and inquire about the possibility of compensation in case of damage.

Another recommendation is to respect the weight limit and boot capacity. Exceed what was established by the manufacturer always results in damage to seams, straps, feet, handles and wheels. "Baggage above 30 pounds, for example, are likely to burst in handling at the time of loading or unloading of the aircraft," said the president of Abesata. And another detail, purchased items weighing more than 70 pounds must be shipped as air cargo, and will be packaged properly. "Remember also that hundreds of bags are put together on the plane, in the cargo compartment, one above the other. If the bag is too full, can burst for that reason alone, "Miguel alert.

With so many bag designs available today, there is always a lot of doubt between the rigid and leather. It is, in fact, the quality of the bag. According to Miguel, if the case is of good quality will stand the air transport, which is worth thinking is that rigid protect best on rainy days, when the way to the aircraft can leave the wet luggage.
What to do in case of loss of mail

The Abesata recommends reading the Passenger's Guide ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and available in to meet best practices. "Basically, in case of problems, the passenger must make a claim in the arrivals hall at the same time or within 15 days," said the organization's president. You must submit the order of the Baggage Check. The rule says that if the luggage is found within 30 days (domestic flights) or 21 days (international flights), should be sent by the airline to the address provided by the passenger. After this period, passengers should be compensated by the airline. However, in practice, passengers have received the lost bags within 24 hours.

It should also say that the index lost luggage per passenger has dropped in recent years. True, we still lack the statistical treatment to 2013, but according to the communication company Aeronautics SITA, with offices in Rio, in 2012 there was in the world, 8.83 mishandled baggage per thousand passengers, against 8.99 in 2011. On the other hand the air transport industry recorded an increase of 4.5% in the number of passengers in the same period, reaching 2.95 billion. With a larger volume of passengers inevitably increases pressure on the operation of the baggage. The positive data are the result of investments of airlines, the ancillary services undertakings air transport and airports in the processes and systems to make the treatment faster and more efficient baggage.