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Rio 40 degrees, the wonderful city!

Rio de Janeiro, sea and beach without end ... Thanks to divine sympathy, the wonderful city was already an ecological paradise lost amid the urban center, even before any talk of ecology. OCristo Redeemer with open arms over the Guanabara, portends a mast of beauty and history.

This geographic inspiration to envy is one of the tourist destinations most requested by Brazil and the world's tourists.

No wonder, which annually attracts about two million people from various parts of the globe, all interested in checking out the delights of the Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Ipanema and other beauties that have served as the backdrop for movies, transforming Rio in national postcard.

Salvador - Earth Brazilianness and swing

If there is a land where miscegenation reigns ubiquitous, this place is Salvador, Bahia's state capital. Some say that the city is listed among the best tourist destinations Brasilpara to know before leaving this world.

His nature stamped in the 50 km of beaches has the famous Itapua and Farol da Barra, and ecological parks. Arriving in Salvador you can enter in the history of Brazil and rediscover the various historical and cultural attractions including the Pelourinho, the 365 churches, according to popular legend, in addition to the Model Market, Lacerda Elevator and the many others that have become local symbol .

Pantanal: a natural zoo

This gigantic area of ​​150,000 km² covers a dense band of the country, occupying the Midwest of Brazil and countries such as Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. The area offers a variety of formations as plains, plateaus, mountains and massive, and is cut by numerous rivers. To enjoy the holiday and the huge water supply that the region boasts, nothing better than diving in fish company, take lots of pictures of waterfalls, rapids and contemplate the true spectacle of nature every sunset.